Our engagement, February 21st 2011

This weekend marks the 4 year anniversary of our engagement! <3<3<3

The weekend was a winter wonderland adventure.  If you are one of my close friends, (or my not so close friends) 😉 you probably know that snow and ice are in my blood…so this was a PERFECT weekend in my world!!!

Chris and I were able to hike up into the back country and do some skiing and snowboarding together, and snowshoe through beautiful, majestic snow covered pines.  We went snowmobiling with my step-dad (his favorite pass time!), and the experience and quality time with the fam will live on in our memories and pictures forever. <3

Chris put sooOOOooo much planning & thought into our engagement. He said it took a VERY long time, and lots of work.  (In the language of Chris, I think that probably means a few months..) =) On Valentine’s Day, he gave me a jewelry box (and it was PINK, of course!) that had a small screen on the top.  I pressed the button on top of the box, and it said “You will have 11 riddles to solve”…the first few riddles I solved, included my best friends, and I had to go retrieve “keys” (RFID cards) from them in order to advance to the next riddle.   Then, for the next few, Chris installed a GPS unit in the jewelry box (genius!) and the riddles left me driving around the city of Denver to locations that meant something to us as a couple.  Once I pulled up to the place, the box would advance to the next riddle.  Eventually, one week later, it lead me to the other side of the state, to spend the weekend with family for a getaway to Grand Mesa, Colorado.  The last key, opened the jewelry box…and….you guessed it…I said “It’s about damn time!!” and then “YES!!!!”.  It took me one week to solve all the riddles, so as you probably could imagine….I was more than ready to open the damn box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some pics of this GORGEOUS location! We hope to return there for a weekend away, and to take our son with us this time.

I look forward to sharing all of the meaningful places we have been with our little G man, including Grand Mesa, Colorado, and I can only hope that he appreciates natural beauty just as much as we do!