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Balanced diet? What it means to me now…

If it’s one thing I’ve learned over the course of the year, is that there is no quick fix. (Sorry to break it to you!!!) No fad diet, no short term changes. Becoming fit means lifestyle changes, commitment, & making time for yourself. Another thing that I’ve learned- if you want to lose weight, it not JUST about working out. What you eat accounts for 85% of your weight loss. My trainer helped me to realize this when I hit a plateau. I would say to Dave “PLEASE! Just tell me what to eat!!! I feel like I’m eating healthy, what the hell is wrong with me!?!? Tell me what YOU eat each day!!!” He would laugh…and say “Well, I’m not a nutritionist, but I will help you as much as I can. Tell me what you’re eating..” He recommended I download My Fitness Pal on my phone so that we could see what percent of carbs to protein and fats I was consuming. He would tell me that he believes in a “balanced diet”. I thought, what the heck does that mean! I thought carbs are BAD BAD BAD!!! Bread and pasta are evil right?!? WRONG… read on…
After several discussions, Dave told me about a program that he had heard of, and thought it would be perfect for me. He thought it might teach me how to eat balanced, and give me the jumpstart I needed to break through my plateau. It was the 24 Day Challenge by Advocare. What did I have to lose?!! I gave it a shot!!! I jumped on it, and lost almost 7 lbs and 5.5 total inches. (Almost 4 of those inches were just from my waist!!!) I seriously jumped off and on the scale when it was results day! I was in disbelief!!!!! And, most of all, I learned what portion control is, what carbs are “good” carbs, I learned that carbs aren’t evil, and that dairy and sugary fruits should be limited. (I was eating WAY too much of both.)
So, in addition to eating balanced, I’ve learned that quality nutritional supplements DO indeed make a difference. They have made a difference in the way I look, but most importantly in how I FEEL. I would love to answer any questions you may have about what supplements I take!! It is my passion to help other now!! <3 Please check out my Advocare link on this page (or click on ), or reach me via email at All my best!
 xo, Bean.

My one year transformation in fitness

One year ago in March, Dave invited me to come train with him at Blunt Force. Saying yes was the best decision!!! I was a new mom struggling to lose my baby weight, and then fell ill and ended up on medications which caused me to gain even more weight. (6 months of high dose prednisone to be exact!)I desperately wanted to feel like myself again.
I seriously cannot thank you enough, Dave!!! I am grateful for your encouragement, your guidance, your knowledge, and for telling me “yes you can” when I didn’t think I could. I’m now in the BEST shape of my life. In the course of a year, I’ve gone from not being able to lift my 12 lb son without having back pain, to dead lifting more than 100 lbs!! Thank you, Dave. You have changed my life!!! <3 <3 <3 Please check out Dave’s website at He also has started an online training program, which I’ve heard is KICK BUTT as well!!!!! xo, Bean.